Products / Dry Eyes

One of the most difficult conditions to treat is dry eyes. Most medical doctors as well as optometrists find dry eyes difficult to manage and provide comfort for their patients.

Recently, a company has developed a new frame and lens system which has had amazing results.

The frame is designed to block out almost all possible air tension which dries out the front of your eye. With this saftey net, prescription & non-prescription medications help to keep your eyes normally moist and comfortable.

No more itching, burning and abrasions from lack of adequate tears. We have placed patients in front of powerful fans and air-conditioning units with no resulting discomfort.

American Vision ® through our high tech labs can place almost any lens for vision correction in these frames. Progressive, bifocal, sunglass and Transitions ® lenses are only a few of the possibilities.

Please contact American Vision ® or your own ophthalmologist for more details and successful help with dry eye problems. We will work with your doctor to succeed.